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Water properties

Therapeutic thermal waters: low-mineralized, fluoride-silicon, thermal (temperature reaches up to 87o C)


  • strongly warms up
  • prevents the crystallization of uric acid and the formation of kidney stones
  • increases micturition and diuresis
  • increases bone mineralization
  • works antibacterial
  • prevents tooth decay
  • reduces total serum cholesterol (in the stadium of research)

Characteristics of sources

Due to their origin, waters from the "Cieplice" deposit are infiltration waters of various ages from 16-22 thousand years.

The waters are:

  • poorly mineralized (mineralization is lower than 1000 mg/dm3)
  • fluoride-silicon (fluoride content is from 3 -13 mg/dm3, and the amount of silica in the form of metasilicic acid reaches 126 mg/dm3)
  • thermal (in shallow intakes the temperature reaches 37o C, while in deep wells the temperature reaches up to 87o C.

The Cieplice deposits are the hottest sources in Poland.
The mineral composition of therapeutic waters:

Soda Na + , Potassium K + , Lithium Li +, Calcium Ca2 +, Magnesium Mg2+, Iron Fe2 +
Fluorine F-, Chlorine Cl-, Sulphate SO2-4, Bicarbonate HCO-3


Characteristics of the Cieplice therapeutic water deposits
The Cieplice therapeutic thermal water deposit is located within the Karkonosze granite massif. In the region of the outflow of springs, apart from local occurrences of river and deluvial sediments of the Holocene and Pleistocene, the Upper Carboniferous Karkonosze granite is the dominant feature. For the occurrence of Cieplice therapeutic thermal waters, the tectonics of this area are of great importance. The thermal water deposit associated with granite rocks should be treated as a special hydrogeological structure.

 It is a spatially complicated reservoir of groundwater created by a network of rock crevices. The source of heat for these waters are the thermal resources of the interior of the earth. They are deep water crevice waters that spontaneously flow to the surface under the influence of increased hydrostatic pressure.

 The therapeutic waters from the Cieplice deposit occur in the form of shallow and deep wells (the deepest is 2002.5 m).

Healing effects

There are thermal, slightly mineralized, fluoride-silicon waters in Cieplice. For all treatments related to water (exercises in the pool, mineral baths, pearl baths, hydromassages, inks, whirlpool baths, underwater massages, inhalations and others) only therapeutic thermal water is used, which increases the effectiveness of the treatment. Such a wide application of therapeutic thermal waters distinguishes the Cieplice Health Resort from other Polish health resorts. The waters from Cieplice have a warming effect not only on the skin, but also on the deeper blood vessels. This causes vasodilatation and congestion of internal organs.

All treatments in the field of hydrotherapy are made on the basis of the therapeutic thermal water.


In Cieplice only the Cieplice Health Resort (Uzdrowisko Cieplice Sp. z o.o.) has a concession for the extraction of curative thermal waters, thus, as the only center in Cieplice, we use the largest treasure of this land for water treatments, known in medicine since 1281.

Natural groundwater is primarily a solution of real dissolved minerals, organic substances and gases.

 It can also contain colloidal salts of organic as well as mineral compounds, and therefore silica, silicates and hydroxides of some metals.

The healing properties of waters are mainly related to the presence and concentration of salts dissociated into ions and forming real solutions. They are better absorbed, easier to penetrate through the skin and mucous membranes, and thus during both drinking and bathing treatment.


The healing effect in the bath have those ingredients that are soluble in water and in fats. The healing effects depend to a large extent on the degree of skin absorption of the ingredients contained in the water. It has been found that iodine, carbon dioxide, radon, hydrogen sulphide are best absorbed through the skin, while sodium, potassium and sulphate ions less. Absorbed by the skin, the ingredients partially accumulate in the stratum corneum of the epidermis and gradually diffuse into the blood. Depo ions deposited in the skin also influence the release of tissue hormones such as acetylcholine, bradykinin, histamine and serotonin. The ingredients absorbed into the blood trigger the adaptive and specific reactions depending on the type of mineral water absorbed.

The Cieplice waters have diuretic properties, prevent uric acid crystallization and, at the same time, prevent the formation of stones in the urinary tract.

 It was also found that crenotherapy with the Cieplice thermal waters influences the increase of total fluorine concentration in serum and bone tissue. In periodontal diseases, the Cieplice Health Resort performs oral cavity hydrotherapy, consisting of gingival massage with fluoride - silicon water under reduced pressure.

The Cieplice waters have the highest silica values (up to 100 mg/l) in Poland. The biological role of silicon consists in its participation in the bone mineralization process, hardening of the connective tissue, construction of skin and hair structure.
Each patient can drink one glass per day on an empty stomach (half an hour before eating). In the case of some diseases, drinking therapy must be carried out under medical supervision.

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