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Spa and fitness treatments

Mineral bath in the therapeutic thermal water in pool with hydromassage + sauna

Combining bathing in mineral water with physical rehabilitation carried out by qualified instructors.
Therapeutic effect

Gymnastics in the water allows you to do suspension exercises, has a positive effect on the movement system, cardiovascular system and respiratory system. It triggers a thermal reaction in the internal organs, moves blood to the periphery and vice versa, relaxes skeletal and smooth muscles, increases the secretion of sweat and urine.

  • back pain syndromes
  • musculoskeletal diseases
  • conditions of pathologically increased muscle tone
  • reduced physical capacity
  • hypertension of first and second degree
  • myocardial or toxic type of myocardial degeneration
  • vascular neurosis
  • post-traumatic conditions of joints and bones
  • hypertension of first degree
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • chronic rheumatic diseases
  • discopathy and degenerative disease of the spine
  • periarticular tissue inflammation
  • atherosclerosis
  • psoriasis and other chronic skin diseases

Scotch douches with the use of therapeutic thermal water

A hydrotherapy treatment in which pressure and temperature of one or many streams of water striking the body have a significant influence.

Therapeutic effect
The showers have a soothing and relaxing effect, causing a decrease in blood pressure and skin hyperaemia through the dilation of blood vessels.


  • neuroses
  • peripheral blood circulation disorders
  • muscle atrophies
  • states after fractures, dislocations and sprains
  • states after soft tissue injuries
  • degeneration of the joints
  • atherosclerosis
  • hypertension
  • thrombophlebitis
  • coronary disease
  • heart failure
  • Graves-Basedow disease

Classic massage is a set of various manual procedures that work on the skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscles, joint capsules and ligaments in a mechanical way, as well as in the form of reflex changes on the circulatory, nervous, endocrine systems to internal organs, inclusive. Massage, the essence of which classic form is the mechanical exertion and release of the grip on the body tissue, is one of the oldest methods of physical therapy.
Therapeutic effect

Massages are indicated in all the disease states where there is a need to improve skin turgor and trophics, remove skin blood supply disorders, remove venous and lymphatic stasis, accelerate muscles relaxation, regulate their tension, relieve pain, stimulate metabolism, mental stress relief, etc. Mechanical irritation of receptors improves local circulation, accelerates the absorption of exudates and transudates, increases the secretion of endocrine glands.

  • disorders of muscle function following muscle or joint diseases, injuries, inactivity
  • respiratory muscle dysfunction (eg in some lung diseases)
  • rheumatic diseases
  • states after musculoskeletal surgeries
  • states after injuries
  • overloading of the muscles
  • edema due to various reasons
  • neuralgias, spinal pain syndrome
  • metabolic disorders
  • chronic heart failure
  • atherosclerotic atherosclerosis
  • thrombotic and obliterative vasculitis
  • insufficiency of lymphatic vessels of the shins
  • obesity
  • injuries of peripheral nerves
  • neuralgias
  • long-term rheumatoid arthritis

Aqua Fitness  in the therapeutic thermal water

A special set of exercises in the Marysieńka SPA swimming pool with the therapeutic thermal water. Classes conducted by an instructor with qualifications.

Therapeutic effects: exercises shape and strengthen muscles, reduce body fat without affecting the spine, joints, ligaments or tendons.

- back pain syndromes,

- overweight,
- improvement of the overall fitness of the body,
- motor organ diseases
- conditions of pathologically increased muscle tone
- reduced physical capacity
- first-degree hypertension
- post-traumatic conditions of joints and bones
- neurosis

Classes take place:
Tuesday: from 5:30-6:00 PM and 6:15-6:45 PM
Wednesday: from 5:30-6:00 PM and 6:15-6:45 PM
Thursday: from 5:00-5:30 PM and 5:45- 6:15 PM
Friday: from 5:30-6:00 PM and 6:15-6:45 PM
Duration of classes - 30 minutes,

One lesson - PLN 22 per person,

Monthly pass for 5 lessons - 100 PLN per person (the pass also entitles you to use the sauna after classes).

Please note - due to the high interest in Aqua Fitness classes are available upon prior reservation.

health * silhouette * beauty

Aqua Fitness is gaining more and more popularity among people who care about health and silhouette. Exercises in water are safer and more effective for the body than classic fitness classes. Both healthy and post-operative, obese and older people who suffer from various types of musculoskeletal disorders can exercise. Classes affect muscle strengthening, body shape and improve well-being. Only in "Marysieńka" SPA the Aqua Fitness is run in therapeutic thermal water!

Slim Line SPA Capsule of youth

Healthy skin acts as a protective coating of our body and is necessary for both health and beauty. IR rays stimulate the formation of collagen counteracting skin aging. It allows to increase its blood supply, to moisturise, to improve flexibility and overall condition. Additional use of various cosmetic preparations, masks and wraps, pleasant climate and comfortable conditions in the capsule relax and improve the well-being and increase the effectiveness of treatment.


Standing solarium

Ultraviolet irradiation treatment in a modern device equipped with 42 lamps 180W XL, which allow to obtain a uniform, golden-brown tan.

 The latest acrylic panel system makes tanning very safe.

Therapeutic effects: stimulates the immune system, Prevents various infections - during the radiation the defensive function of white blood cells increases and viruses destroy substances are created (so-called interferons). Increases the physical capacity of the body. Has a positive effect on sciatic nerve pain. It improves well-being and has a de-stressing effect thanks to lowering the adrenaline level.

- osteoporosis and rickets caused by deficiency of vitamin D, produced in the skin under the influence of ultraviolet radiation.
- neuralgia of the sciatic nerve

- psoriasis.

Finnish sauna

Sauna is a procedure consisting in alternating bathing in hot dry air with periodic short exposure to high humidity and subsequent cooling of the body. Cooling of the body takes place through a cold immersion bath or cold shower. A minimum of two people should stay in the sauna cabin.

Therapeutic effects:

increases immunity, cleanses the body, relaxes the muscles, improves the appearance of the skin, has a relaxing effect, accelerates rest, improves efficiency by overall health

- Rheumatoid diseases (during remission) arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis.
- Metabolic disorders (obesity, diabetes),

- Post-traumatic states of the musculoskeletal system.
- Allergic diseases.
- Uncommon respiratory tract infections, bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis

- Reduced body immunity


- It is not recommended to start the treatment earlier than 1.5 - 2 hours after the last meal and on an empty stomach,
- before entering the sauna, wash the body and dry it thoroughly,
- if necessary, warm the feet with warm water,
- do not apply body creams or face creams.


- it is worth starting from the lowest bench gradually going higher, depending on how you feel,
- on the bench you should lie down or sit with your legs bent on a towel,
- last 2-3 minutes - taking a sitting position with legs down,
- keep quiet and peaceful in the sauna
- take any change of well-being seriously, if in doubt leave the sauna,
- during the stay in the sauna you can not replenish the liquids, it is allowed only during the rest.


- the higher the temperature in the sauna, the longer we cool down the body,
- we use a cold immersion bath or cold shower (shower) (10-30ºC) - without the use of soap.
- after the cooling procedure and before the next entrance to the sauna you can take a warm foot bath,


- repeating Steps 2 and 3 (3 baths in total)

- Physical exercise is contraindicated in the sauna,
accustomed persons can enter the sauna three times in total,
people who are for the first time, a maximum of two sauna entries is recommended,
- after bathing in the sauna, rest for about 20-30 minutes, drinking moderate amounts of mineral water or juices.


This is an excellent method of exercising for people of all ages and fitness.
Practicing yoga:
- you strengthen your muscles and tendons

- you stretch your muscles and gain more and more fitness
- you strengthen the back, which helps to prevent back pain
- you burn calories
- the mind calms down and the body relaxes.

Classes are conducted by qualified staff.
Classes for people at all levels.
Yoga takes place at the Dom Zdrojowy on the following days and hours:
6 PM-7:30 PM

Classes are held in groups of up to 10 people.


PILATES - is a special set of well-chosen exercises, designed for people of all ages, on different levels of mobility. Classes for people at all levels.

- Improves the flexibility of the body

- Increases muscular strength, in particular abdominal muscles, lower back, hips and buttocks
- Balances muscle strength on both sides of the body
- Improves control of the back and limb muscles
- Slims the figure and "pulls out" the body
- Improves the stability of the spine
- Increases the awareness of your body
- Teaches correct, full breath
- Improves motor coordination and balance.

During exercises, no sudden movements and jumps are made, so it is a perfect method for:
- people with joint and spine pain,

- people who are overweight, preventing active exercise,
- for those who have not practised for a long time and want to restore their physical form,
- seniors and people with osteoporosis.

Classes for people at all levels.

Fitness: Tabata, Fit Ball, Power TBC

FIT BALL - whole-body gymnastics using a large ball.
Exercises with the ball are extremely effective because it is an unstable base on which we do exercises. The effect of this is the necessity to force more muscles to work than when the movement is performed in conditions of stable support, e.g. lying on the floor. This means that we not only train specific muscles, but also strengthen the muscles supporting the spine. The ball is flexible, delicate and safe, which is why it is recommended for people of all levels of physical fitness and any efficiency.

TBC – (Total Body Conditioning).
General exercises - they burn fat, strengthen and firm all muscle groups (hands, chest, abdominal, back, buttocks, thighs). Classes conducted with the use of tools (weights, rubber, balls).g Exercises are conducted at a moderate pace, the whole ended with stretching.

ABT - (abdominal, buttocks, thighs), gymnastics of our main problem zones. It is a series of exercises performed at the right pace with energetic music that always precedes a 15-minute warm-up. Even after a few trainings, we feel less fatigue and a definite improvement in fitness. We do not have to wait long for visible effects. If we regularly attend classes, our belly will become flat, the buttocks will rise and firm, and the cellulite on the thighs will definitely decrease.
We do not have to worry that the trainings will be monotonous, because they often use various types of equipment such as tapes, balls or weights.

HEALTHY SPINE - A Healthy Spine is a class for everyone regardless of the age group. Prophylactic, safe and effective exercises to strengthen the paraspinal muscles. The result of the classes is the correct posture, straightened figure and reduction of spine pains. Classes with a very gentle nature, designed for people of all ages, overweight, not physically active, for those who want to do something good for health and better well-being.

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING - Learn some functional fitness will strengthen your body, reduce your susceptibility to injuries and increase efficiency in everyday activities.
You are bending over to lift a heavy bag off the floor and hear a crack - you've damaged part of your spine. Movements performed in everyday life cause pains even to marathon runners and experienced strongmen. That is why attaching functional fitness to training is so important. "Functional training focuses on exercises that mimic the movements we perform in everyday life". Functional exercises add condition to your body, so you can move more efficiently during everyday activities and avoid injuries.
Functional training focuses less on training specific muscles, such as biceps or abdominal muscles, and more on gaining strength in performing complex movements that we use in everyday life. This type of exercise uses less muscle and joints, and helps improve coordination, balance and stability. Bending the forearms with dumbbells does not translate into everyday life, but bending the forearms combined with the squat is like lifting a child. This is the best way to translate what you do at the gym for everyday life.

All classes for people at all levels.

Nordic Walking

Nordic walking - a form of recreation based on marches with special poles.
In comparison to ordinary walking, Nordic walking involves applying force to poles on both sides, which is why people who practice Nordic walking to a greater extent, though less intensively, engage the muscles of the body. Muscles (including chest, triceps, biceps, arms and stomach) are also stimulated differently than in a normal walk. This leads to greater their amplification than with ordinary walking or jogging. Especially:

  • develops the strength and endurance of the arms,
  • develops the easiness of climbing the hills,
  • more calories are burned than in normal walking,
  • stability increases when walking with poles,
  • reduces pressure on the shins, knees, hips and back, which gives benefits to people with weaker joints and not strong muscles,
  • joints are relieved, which is especially important for older people.

An important factor is the possibility of practising by almost everyone - regardless of age, condition or weight. It's good to start practising Nordic walking under the supervision of an instructor who will teach you the right walking technique and help you choose the right poles.

Research has shown that good Nordic walking technique helps achieve health benefits such as improving the respiratory and cardiovascular system, relieving the joints, including the lower spine, increasing the oxygen consumption by 20-58 percent, depending on the intensity of sticking the poles. It also develops all the muscles of the lower limbs, extensorum of the upper limbs, strengthens the muscles of the trunk, arms and shoulders, increases the mobility of the upper spine and relieves muscle tone in the shoulder area. The small load on the joints of people doing Nordic walking makes it recommended for obese people. It does not worsen the condition of aching joints, especially knee joints. In addition, in comparison with ordinary walking, Nordic walking enthusiasts burn on average between 20 and 40% more calories. Poles also help to maintain a better posture, balance and stability while walking in difficult terrain

Hot stones massage


It has deeply relaxing and de-stressing properties. Massage based on the power of hot stones, formed from volcanic lava.

Aroma massage


Aromatic full-body massage based on essential oils, aromatic Shea butter and a special ritual. It removes accumulated tension and helps in regaining vital energy.

Lomi Lomi Nui


Hawaiian feast for the senses, which in a natural and gentle way heals the soul and body, allowing the massaged loosen up tense muscles, as well as eliminate bodily blockages. This massage allows you to feel the fullness of love, harmony, beauty and joy.

Candle massage


It combines relaxation massage, aromatherapy and candle flame heat. The effect is a flexible, silky smooth and soft to the touch skin, which after the treatment is moisturized, nourished, properly supplied with blood and radiant

Massage with bamboo


Oriental, relaxing massage performed with sticks and bamboo whisks. Recommended especially for overtired and strained muscles.

Relaxing massage


Complete massage, including upper and lower limbs, back, abdomen and chest. It improves nutrition and blood circulation of tissues and regenerates tired muscles.


Chinese relaxing massage


Whole body massage with detoxifying essential oils based on the philosophy of the East. It balances the energy level in the body. It uses elements of head and foot reflexotherapy.


Indian relaxing massage


Massage using elements of Ayurvedic massage and techniques taken from other parts of the world.

Head massage


Relaxing massage using a beneficial ampoule to strengthen hair.

Face massage


A relaxing treatment, strengthening the anti-wrinkle and lifting effect of the used face serum.

Foot massage


Relaxing massage using Eastern techniques and reflexotherapy.


Foot massage, stimulates specific points and reflex zones, depending on the individual organs and systems of the human body..

Firming and anti-cellulite massage


Massage supports the reduction of fat tissue, significantly reduces cellulite and shapes and slims muscles.



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