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Values of health resort medical treatment

The main task of the health resort medical treatment is the treatment of chronic diseases, which are currently one of the most important social problems. Nowadays chronic diseases are increasingly the cause of deaths and disabilities. Similarly, civilization diseases are the cause of shortened average life time and higher mortality. Mortality increases due to coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, hypertension, lung cancer, diabetes and traumatic diseases. The incidence of peptic ulcer disease, duodenum, cirrhosis, chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma is increasing.

Such disease profile is shaped on the one hand by external factors harmful to humans, e.g.. toxic components of air, toxins found in water, soil, food products - they are a consequence of industrial development and technical progress of modern societies, and on the other hand - harmfulness depending on the patient (e.g. smoking, poor nutrition, limitation of physical activity). In this regard, health resort medical treatment can be very helpful through health education and shaping healthy habits of a health-oriented lifestyle of patients treated in the Health Resort.
Balneology and physical medicine is an independent discipline of medicine, having its own specific therapeutic and diagnostic methods. The results of treatment achieved by balneological methods have the advantage over the pharmacotherapeutic effects, that they are more durable and are achieved by more physiological methods, and most importantly, they do not cause side effects. Balneological treatments stimulate adaptation mechanisms and activate functional reserves of the organism. A characteristic feature of natural therapy is the action of therapeutic agents comprehensively, because natural materials (mineral waters, peloids, gases) used by health care have an extremely rich and complex chemical composition.

The Cieplice Health Resort within the therapeutic profiles of the musculoskeletal system, urinary system and ophthalmology offers the following groups of treatments:

  • HYDROPHERAPY - Mineral baths in pools and bathtubs, whirlpool, pearl, carbonic acid baths, underwater massage, Scotch douches, water mantle, mouth hydrotherapy,eyeballs aerosols, drinking cure.
  • PELOIDOTHERAPY - Peloid baths and wraps, peat wraps on the periodontium, peat poultices on the eyeballs, rectal mud infusions.
  • INHALATIONS - Oil and mineral inhalations.
  • KINESIOTHERAPY - collective healing gymnastics, individual therapeutic gymnastics.
  • LIGHT THERAPY - Ultraviolet and infrared radiation (sollux quartz). Laser therapy.
  • ELECTROTHERAPY - Electroplating and electrostimulation, iontophoresis, high frequency magnetic pulsed magnetic field, diadynamic currents, interference currents, ultrasounds, low frequency magnetic field (magnetotron).
  • OTHERS - Classic massages, paraffin wraps.

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